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The stillness of the crisp morning air breaks with the echoing splash of a stone dislodged by a solitary chamois as it darts through the forest.  Then, silence falls once more as dawn begins to rise.  The sky, with its gilded edge, slowly unveils its canvas painted against the glorious shadows of the Combins summits and the glimmering highlights of the glaciers.  As temperatures rise, the sweet smell of dry hay fans out across the region like fire on a mountain pasture.  Bells ring out and echo in reply, as if gently rocking to a sweet mountain tune.  And then there is the mountain, more beautiful, more immovable than ever; the very essence of Switzerland itself.

Verbier, winter.  Verbier, summer.  This very first 30 Degrees summer special edition dedicated to the famed resort has set for itself a lofty challenge indeed: to attempt to transcribe onto glossy paper the boundless beauty of this mountain as it appears without its pure white coat.  Against this backdrop, the season often starts much earlier than one might imagine.  Up on the heights, legendary and memorable trails carry their devotees from June all the way to the twilight of September.

Yes, the Verbier summer is long, and spoils its guests with a thousand choices.  While on hikes punctuated with encounters with marmots and ibex, one discovers the first and most amazing mountain biking areas in Europe (and its Bike Fest!), not to mention a golf course, via ferrata, canyoning down alpine torrents, and paragliding for a true bird’s eye view of this magical little world, just to name a few.  Verbier brings joy to families and extreme sports enthusiasts alike, with trails and activities at all levels.  As for lovers of all things fine, they have commandeered the resort as one of their headquarters.  From the enchanting and emblematic Verbier Festival, favoured by prodigies and giants of classical music, to gourmet encounters blessed with Valais wine and Bagnes cheeses, the senses are treated to delight after delight.

What is Verbier?  A touch of luxury, a zest for adventure, and a timeless mountain on which to spend the summer.  Its call is impossible to resist.

Christian Bugnon | Publisher & Editor-in-chief

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