VERBIER 2016-2017

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Year after year, winter after winter, Verbier maintains its place as one of the very best of Alpine resorts. Its biggest attribute? A ski area with something for everyone, one that is virtually without equal and can meet even the most outlandish of expectations. Family-friendly Verbier means guaranteed top-class skiing, of course, but also the legendary Bec des Rosses and the prestigious Freeride World Tour. In short, it is an Alpine Alaska, a place where the slopes are as virgin as they are steep.

Echoing from the white blanket that cloaks the resort is the sound of fun-filled nights. Verbier knows how to enjoy itself—and in English if need be—before retiring behind the burnished-wood walls of the large chalets that line the centre of the village. Chalets that sit at the foot of the slopes, amid lofty pines that almost hug them with their long snow-laden arms. These superchalets have made an undeniable contribution to Verbier’s success: the quality of accommodation they offer is unrivalled and sets the standard for the Alps as a whole.

This, the fifth special issue that 30° luxury magazine has devoted to Verbier, follows the selfsame recipe that has made the resort such a success: tradition and constant renewal. Along with beauty, the eternal, and time and snowflakes hanging in the air as Christmas and its promise of small pleasures approach, there is action, yearnings, innovations, trends and the rumble of the turning world, a distant sound that is discreetly muffled on the slopes of the Val de Bagnes.

You will see all that for yourself in picking up this issue, which has been put together in the style of a coffee table book, with design, luxury, fashion and the ethereal all an intrinsic part of its identity. Our aim in doing so? To reflect the very essence of Verbier and cast our voices over the mountaintops of this pure and pristine land.

Christian Bugnon | Publisher & Editor-in-chief

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